Ten Urban Oases in the Vancouver Area

Ten Urban Oases in the Vancouver Area

Vancouver is an upbeat, fast-paced, and vibrant city. Many locals and visitors enjoy the hustle and bustle of the area, particularly since it is coupled with a friendly and welcoming culture. But, at times, finding ways to take things down a notch is a must.

If you are searching for sanctuary and retreat in the midst of the hectic hassles of the city, the Vancouver area offers a number of tranquil retreats for the weary soul. Discover rest and relaxation in some of Vancouver and nearby Victoria’s finest urban oases.


Bloedel Conservatory

Relax at the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver, where more than 50 species of colourful birds freely fly within the spacious, climate-controlled dome. View beautiful koi fish in the tranquil indoor garden, or stroll through a world of peaceful waterfalls while you enjoy displays of tropical flowers, exotic plants, and captivating palms. This tropical paradise flourishes under an amazing dome while outside the beautiful Quarry Gardens you can rest under the spectacular backdrop of Vancouver’s breathtaking mountains and clear blue sky.

bloedel conservatory vancouver

Sun Yat Sen Gardens

Sun Yat Sen Gardens in Vancouver is the ideal place to spend a leisurely day strolling through the beautiful landscape. Often referred to as the Garden of Ease, these amazing gardens have sheltered walkways to allow visitors to enjoy the extraordinary vistas in any type of weather.

You can take a pleasant walk along Silk Road to Chinatown or enjoy a packed lunch at Dr. Sun Yar-Sen Public Park next door. You can even take a guided tour of the gardens for a more informative trip. Then, top the experience off with a delightful cup of Chinese tea and a visit to the exquisite gift shop.

Stanley Park

As Vancouver’s very first park, Stanley Park boasts being one of the city’s primary tourist destinations. This destination is even one of the most recognized parks in the world, making it worthy of any traveler or local’s list.

The evergreen oasis exhibits a splendid display of hemlock, fir, and cedar trees that are home to an abundance of wildlife. Relax, enjoy, and reflect in the natural beauty of Stanley Park’s delightful atmosphere. This West Coast park is comprised of 1,000 acres of land, all of which is brimming with natural beauty, making it an exquisite tranquil retreat.


Queen Elizabeth Park

Visit the jewel in Vancouver’s crown and experience royal natural beauty at its best at Queen Elizabeth Park. The splendid public gardens are magnificent during all times of the year. Explore the outdoor arboretum or relax with a delightful stroll through the indoor conservatory.

The beautiful Quarry Gardens offer an abundance of loveliness to visitors with an array of exotic plants and flora. If you prefer to spend the day with fun sporting activity, the park offers tennis, golf, lawn bowling, and much more!

VanDusen Botanical Garden

This 55-acre garden flourishes with bountiful blooms, an array of exotic foliage, and an abundance of regional wildlife. Relax while observing great blue herons, kingfishers, ducks, turtles, and bullfrogs in the area. Keep your eye out for a glimpse of beautiful bald eagles or wandering coyote.

The Children’s Garden offers a fun-filled day of relaxing entertainment as children search for Ogopogo, the famous serpent of Okanagan Lake, in the mulberry bushes. VanDusen Botanical Garden offers a quiet and peaceful solitude to the weary soul with more than 11,000 varieties of exotic plants and spectacular scenery.

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Beacon Hill Park

Enjoy scenic views of the Olympic Mountains of Washington while you stroll through this spectacular park. Observe river otter, raccoons, and squirrels at play in the multitude of native flora.

Beacon Hill Park boasts an abundance of Douglas-fir, Garry oak, western red cedar, snowberry, Oregon grape, and more. The ponds are frequently filled with blue herons, swans, ducks, and Canada geese, as a variety of birds fly overhead.

Enjoy a carriage ride through the park or visit the fourth-tallest totem pole in the world. The pebbled bridges, sparkling fountains, lakes, trees, sea, and fresh air make Beacon Hill Park a relaxing, tranquil retreat.

Dallas Road Walkway

Enjoy a summer stroll or winter wonderland adventure along the Dallas Road Walkway. This paved waterfront walkway is ideal for winter storm watching or marine sightseeing. Follow the walkway all the way to Beacon Hill Park and sparkling sandy beaches.

The walkway is commonly used for jogging, walking, cycling, and rollerblading. Enjoy a picnic on a sunny patch of grass along the route and spend a relaxing day watching the waves crash lazily upon the shores.

Saxe Point Park

Saxe Point Park is 14.5 acres of peninsula seafront offering amazing views of the Olympic Mountains and the Juan de Fuca Strait. A searchlight was installed at Saxe Point during World War II as a part of the shoreline defence, making this destination ideal for those who enjoy natural splendor with a side of history.

Enjoy a day exploring the beaches or walking the trails while you observe American aircraft carriers as they come in. Discover the rich history of this area as you enjoy a relaxing day among forested trails and beachfront views.

Elk Lake

Relax with large fresh-water lakes that are ideal for a fun-filled day of canoeing, fishing, or swimming at Elk Lake. Beaver Lake and Elk Lake join up to form the Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park, where you will enjoy beautiful hiking trails and open sunny fields.

Ride horseback through the spectacular park trails or simply stroll along the sunny beaches. Enjoy a day of sailing, windsurfing, or water skiing on the beautiful sparkling waters. Elk Lake boasts picnic areas, a nature centre, playground, cafes, water sport rentals, and a handicap accessible fishing float so that a great time may be had by all!

Swan Lake

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary provides 11 acres of spectacular parkland ideal for year-round bird watching or wildlife observation. The marsh surrounding Swan Lake offers an inviting habitat for a multitude of birds, river otter, muskrat, and mink, who make their homes in the marsh grasses and rock walls surrounding the lake.

This spectacular park offers jogging and walking trails, 2 wharves, and a floating boardwalk. Gerry oaks and wildflowers are abundant in the area and provide a lush and enchanting retreat from everyday life.